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  • Crinoline skirts make an awesome addition to your steampunk wardrobe. they add a great period feel and can be customised to match any outfit. Let's face it, you cant live your entire life with out a hoop crinoline or bustle so lets run through the finer points of the crinoline for steampunk wear, and we've popped a fantastic video at the bottom of this post for you as well. Unless how have a huge budget then your going to be buying a modern crinoline, which to be honest will be...

  • Steampunk Blog | Who is Jules Verne | Jules Verne SteampunkAs a modern British Steampunk I spend a lot of time losing myself in a great novel, and the novels of Jules Verne have long been an inspiration to me so I thought I would take a closer look at the man hailed as one of the 'fathers of science fiction'. Read more in our Blog


  • What is Steampunk | Steampunk Blog | Steampunk FashionWhat is Steampunk?

    Read our blog for a very quick overview into what this word Steampunk Means really it is whatever you want to create out of it, Steampunk celebrates the individuality of its flowers, the creativity and inventiveness of creating something unique to you and dressing up in fabulous Steampunk Clothes and sharing laughter with Steampunk friends.


  • Welcome to the Blog of Lady Felicity Fizzle and Dr Octavian Crank of the Fizzle and Crank Steampunk Emporium! We will be updating this blog with all things steampunkery, from articles on clothing and accessories to videos on how to steampunk you everyday items and what we like to watch and listen to. We'll also be using the blog to keep you up to date with steampunk events, shows and clubs and anything else we want to chatter about.    Let us know if you have anything you want us...