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  • Steampunk Events Around the World | Steampunk Blog | Steampunk FashionNotable steampunk events around the world

    First and foremost, there are a lot of steampunk events, and as with any other part of the wildly inventive and totally non-prescriptive steampunk alternative universe, there will be something for everyone. Here we’re just picking out a few of the events that we consider notable and giving our reasons, Read our blog for more


  • What is Steampunk Fashion | Steampunk Clothing | Steampunk Blog What is Steampunk Fashion?

    Steampunk fashion is basically a real-word production of the clothing that can be found in Steampunk novels and literature. Steampunk outfits are usually made up of pieces that were typically worn in the Victorian era such as bustles, corsets, petticoats, waistcoats and top hats and there is also usually a presence of technological accessories such as timepieces, parasols and goggles. Read more in our blog 


  • Victorian Hairstyles | Steampunk Style | Steampunk FashionVictorian Hairstyles

    When putting your Steampunk Outfit together you may have to consider what to do with your hair - take at look at some Victorian Hairstyles for inspiration, then add some Steampunk Sparkle and you are ready for your adventure. Read more in our Blog:

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  • Steampunk Books | Steampunk Blogs | Steampunk Clothing UKWhether you are new to the world of Steampunk or you are fascinated by the sub-genre, the books in this post are guaranteed to impress. For those who are unaware, Steampunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi. It focuses on the science of the Victorian age. Read our Blog for more:


  • What is Tea Duelling | Steampunk Activities | Steampunk UKWhat is Tea Duelling?

    It doesn’t get any more dangerous in the world of steampunk than with the tension tightening game of tea duelling, played at conventions, parties and events across the world. Read our blog for more:


  • Steampunk Events UK | Steampunk Blog | Steampunk Clothing Bearing all that in mind, and accepting that there are as many complexions of steampunk as there are flavours of ice cream, we’ve carefully collated a few selected events to bring you the most notable flavours of British Steampunk Events. Read our Blog for more: