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Victorian Hairstyles: Glamorous and Elegant

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Victorian Hairstyles | Steampunk Style | Steampunk FashionVictorian Hairstyles: Glamorous and Elegant

When studying the fashion and trends of the Victorian era, many individuals will picture complex dresses, smartly dressed gentleman and elegance; this is true not just for clothing and social behaviour but can also been seen when focusing on Victorian hairstyles.

As with the majority of historical eras, the hairstyles often reflected the wills and ways of society and therefore during the elegant and ‘stiff upper lip’ Victorian period hairstyles were neat and feminine. Long flowing hair was common on women in the Victorian era and it was usually tied back into a neat bun or twist in order to keep it away from the face. Appearing demure and graceful at all times was key and hair accessories began to gain popularity; this included ribbons and bows.
Popular Victorian Hairstyles

Though there are a number of different hairstyles seen throughout the Victorian era, some remained staple choices for many women and girls.

Pin Curls - These tightly wound curls were a popular choice among Victorian women and perfecting the style involved tightly curling small sections of hair; this was either done throughout the entire head or on specific smaller sections such as those framing the face. Curls were, and often still are, seen as feminine and Victorian women incorporated them into many hairstyles.

Plaited Bun - One of the more straight forward and quicker hairstyles commonly seen in the Victorian era was the plaited or braided bun, either centred at the back of the head or further to one side; the hair was simply pulled into a ponytail, plaited tightly together and then wrapped into a neat bun.

Crimped Hair - During the Victorian era the hot iron was invented and grew in popularity, this allowed for women to style their hair in to tight waves to add texture. This was popular when combined with hair accessories or to create a loose updo.

Chignon - Chignons were relatively simple and refer to a hairstyle in which hair is lightly pinned into a bun at the back of the head; this is a key example of an understated choice. However, some Victorian women chose to increase the size of their chignon by adding hair pads.

It was not just Victorian women who followed certain styles and trends but also men. During the Victorian era the majority of men had short, side parted hair that, like the female hairstyles, were neat at all times.

Though the majority of Victorian hairstyles required time and skill to perfect and are no longer a common day choice for many twenty first century women who prefer straight hair or a less styled look, aspects of them can still be seen in complex updos today such as those popular among wedding parties and prom attendees.

1 Comment

I am getting married in a few weeks and am desperately looking for a hairdo to suit, I am wearing a top hat and a fascinator throughout the day and am struggling to find a hairstyle to suit. My hair gets Es down to the waist. Any ideas would be appreciated x

Posted by Justine on September 18, 2016

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