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Make Up Tips for a Gothic Wedding

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Make Up Tips for a Gothic Wedding | Gothic Dresses | Steampunk DressesMake Up Tips for a Gothic Wedding

There is something mystical and magical with a dark edge that makes us love Gothic clothing so much. From the music to the literature and the incredible photography that can be achieved it is no surprise that so many of us who err on the darker side of life want this to be reflected in our wedding.

But just as any bride needs to adapt her usual look to work with her wedding gown, so a Gothic bride is likely to have to alter some of her approach to achieve the perfect wedding look. Here are a few tips to consider when planning the perfect Gothic Wedding Day Look:

 It doesnt have to be black!

A Gothic bride doesnt necessarily have to wear black; rich red, burgundy and purple are also common colour choices. The common denominator is rich colours and sumptuous fabrics and a Gothic wedding dress of this type requires a defined face, with a strong balance between the features whilst ensuring theres no tendency to wash out the foundation and leave a ghostly pallor in the bridal photographs.

 Foundation and contouring for a Gothic shape

A professional make-up artist can help define the right Gothic look which often begins with a pale but translucent foundation, rather than a matte white base. Creating a radiant luminous look, as if lit by an inner glow, is the goal of any bride but for a Gothic bride its even more important to get that perfect pearly complexion just right. Your make-up artist will find the ideal foundation to balance coverage and luminosity. 

Incorporate Glitter and push the fantasy side!

A hint of natural blush high on the cheekbones will accentuate the pallor of your base colour and you might choose to push the Gothic theme by adding a single beauty spot above the cheekbone or around the temple. This beauty spot can be black to echo the traditional powdered wig approach (which was a big deal for gothic weddings in 2013 and is set for a revival) or can be a purple, teal or emerald glitter spot, which has a more modern and fantasy vibe.

Gothic lips

For a wedding look its important to have a balance of lips and eyes, which is not always the case with a day to day Gothic look where its common to choose to emphasise eyes or lips but not necessarily both.

This years bridal show catwalks featured a range of Gothic themes that can be adapted by your make-up artist, the most stunning of which is the ombré lip. Ombré gothic lip make-up demands perfect precision and excellent colour choices.

Your makeup artist will cover your lips with a base so she can create a perfect pouting shape over your natural lip line, then shell define with a deep lip liner, and move that liner gently inwards to the centre of the lip to create a fade in. The inner lip will be filled with a rich shade thats usually a couple of tones lighter than the outer one and shading will be completed with a third colour that popsthe centre of the lips, before finishing with a sealer that will hold everything in place. Touch-ups throughout the day will keep your mouth utterly kissable, so ensure your make-up artist is on hand to keep your pout perfect.

Gothic eyes

You definitely need perfectly groomed brows for the Gothic look, so if you want a reshape or brow tint, get that booked with your make-up artist a week or so before the big day.

Then think about the mood you want to create - whilst grey and black are classic shades, you might like to consider rich purple tones, a teal or even emerald liner to tone with the beauty spot if you are wearing it, and a glimmering highlight to pick out the brow bone which also serves to deepen the socket for a suitably pensive look. Your makeup artist can suggest colours that will deliver drama whilst delighting the camera so you have wedding photos with all the impact you could desire.

We love a gothic wedding so whether you go full black, rock chic, vampire glam or fantasy dark princess by following some of our make-up tips above you will look simply stunning on your special day.

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