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Steampunk Weekly Round Up! Star Trek, Natural History, Victorian Industrial, Atlantis, Angel, Arrrghhhhh!, K9

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Steampunk Snapites of the week!

1. Steampunk Star Trek

I am a huge Star Trek fan (TNG is my fave) and I just tripped over my bustle when I saw these incredible Star Trek Costumes that have had a Victorian Steampunk Make Over! Wow these girls are creative.

Source Here

2. Architecture Inspires Greatness

Sometimes living in the UK you forget how impressive and historic our architecture actually is and how is inspires us from the past and pushes us into the future and how sometimes the two mix in beautiful splendour as with this image of the Natural History Museum in London. Stunning curves and Victorian detailing make this building truly beautiful and although this word is used a lot in the Steampunk world, it is also truly Splendid!

Source Here

3. Emilie Autumn's Music & Style

I just discovered this girls style and music and think she;s great. She describes her look as a blend of Victorian Industrial and Glam Rock - awesome combination and below is a stunning photograph of that blend of styles.

Find out more about her on her Website

4. Steampunk Atlantis

It is like someone reached into my dreams and managed to create a world where I want to live. I think this reminds me very much of Atlantis of the Skies! I love concept art and the way it takes me to another place - or a place I think I have been, or dreamed. Beautiful.

Source Here

5. A Mechanical Angel

Simply Pretty!

Source Here

6. Arrrrghhhhhhh!  - I be a Steampunk Pirate!

OK - so when I think of blending the Steampunk Aesthetic with a Pirate it did not work very well in my head - that was until I saw this picture of Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean and then I got it! Layering, embroidery and great fitting clothes is definitely the way to go if you are thinking of creating a Steampunk Pirate Outfit.

Source Here

7. Dr Who's K-9 has gone back in Time!

Obviously this version of K9 has fallen out of the Tardis and landed in Victorian England just as the Steam revolution is happening and he is being decked out to the hilt! A Steampunk K9 - who wouldn't want one of those!

Source Here

See you next week and remember to be stunningly splendid at all times!!







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