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Steampunk Weekly Round Up! Cake, Airship, Toppper Types, Helena Bonham Carter, Oz, Ariel, Shakespeare

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Another week of Steampunk Inspiration in one handy post!

1. This is a beautiful Victorian Steampunk Layered Cake I found - perfect for Steampunk Weddings or Parties!
2.  Flying Machine
I found myself in an unusual situation this week that involved a discussion on how to create either hot air balloons or Zeppelins that could float at an event I have coming up - our creativity did end at decorating (very nicely - if I do say so myself) Helium Filled Balloons, but take a look at this creative endeavour!
3. Not all Top Hats are created Equal
If you have ever wondered whether your top hat was the correct shape or colour for the period that you were going for or is the correct style for your outfit! well worry no more - here is a great little visual to help you when you need some Top Hat help! Of course if you look fantastic in it don't worry and continue being simply splendid.
4. Carter Inspired
I have always been a massive fan of Helena Bonham Carter and love this image of her in Sepia and looking like a Victorian Down and Out! Love it - might try and recreate it!
5. Steampunk Character Toy & Return to Oz!
I love it when I come across a stunning designer and they are based in the UK - Here is a great character from Toy designer Bruce (I have a great surname) Whistlecraft. It also reminds of the Movie Return to Oz with Tick Tock - and when I think about  it that whole movie was a bit of a Steampunk Fantasy - I now have to go dig out the old video - and find a video player to watch it on - hmmm maybe its on Netflix!!
6. The Little Mermaid
Disney's Little Mermaid is one of my favourite films (I know I know - but you sometimes can't help what you love) so finding this incredible concept of Ariel as a Steampunk Mermaid has just made my day - erm no my month actually and I am on the lookout for some green shiny legs that I can update and create my own version of this as soon as possible! I want to be part of that world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Romance in the Steampunk World
Girls in flowing dresses and tight corsets combined with men in dapper suits and sexy hats makes Steampunk one of the most romantic styles around - and this image really exemplifies this. It makes me think if Shakespeare had been into Steampunk this is what his Romeo and Juliet balcony scene would have turned out as!

See you next week and remember to be stunningly splendid at all times!!

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