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Steampunk Weekly Round Up! Prada, Tokyo, Thumbelina, Moving House, Cabinet, Dior, Massive Clock!

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A quick look at the Splendid Steampunk items that we found this week!

1. Prada Victoriana

We don't stock menswear and if we did it wouldn't be Prada! But I discovered a great video of their menswear Fall/Winter 2012 Show that I would like to share so you can see the influence of the Victorian Aesthetic even on the catwalk - I love it, I find it inspiring to see the cross over between alternative fashion and 'straight' fashion and that alternative trends really are the style setters of the future!
The Catwalk show can be found on YouTube here

 2. Tokyo Steam Garden

Tokyo and Japan in general fascinates us as they take their fashion very seriously and have some of the most unique looks and avant garde approached to clothing in the world so it was no surprise to us that we found out that Tokyo has a quarterly Steampunk Festival known as the Steam Garden. Where do we sign up!
See the You Tube Promo Video Here & read an interview about the festival here.
3. Steampunk Thumbelina!
Great things come in small packages is a well known saying and with this great piece of art by Hakubaikou we completely agree!
4. Steampunk House on Wheels
Now I don't know about anyone else but this moving house reminds me very much of Howls Moving Castle (minus the magic) I am in awe of what these amazing Ladies and Gentlemen have created and I want one - pretty please!!
5. Mad Scientist Cabinet
If I was ever to indulge my mad scientist fantasy and get my self (another) (embellished) plain white lab coat then I would need a cabinet like the one below to fill with some stunningly pretty and devious looking bottles with faded labels and green and other bright liquids - now i'm off to work on my evil laugh!
6. J'adore Steampunk Dior!
We started this week with a look at some Victorian inspired menswear by Prada so I thought it was only right to take a look for some couture womens Steampunk wear. And I was delighted to find this stunning image of Vintage Dior that Victorian/Edwardian Inspired and looks incredible.
7. Clockwork Décor
If you are thinking about incorporating some Steampunk into your home then take some inspiration from this beautiful photo that includes the most massive clock I have seen!

See you next week!

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