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Steampunk Weekly Round Up! Silhouette, Octolight, Arsenic, Superheroes, Industrial, Teatime, 1850!

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More of the Steampunk World that Inspired us this week!

1. The Victorian Silhouette - I love playing with the different shapes and silhouettes that progressed through the Victorian period and it is great to see them displayed here to take inspiration from.


2. Octopus Décor - This is an incredible light installation using the tentacles of the octopus to great effect. This would look truly unique in any home - love love love!


3. Death by DressThe green of shimmering silk, was one of the Victorian era’s most fashionable hues; people, mostly women, wore it even after it was widely known that the arsenic-based dye responsible for the colour could lead to horrible physical suffering and early death. Yikes!

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4. Steampunk Superheroes - This is a great sketch of how mixing Superhero and Steampunk can create a sexy and stunning idea for my next party!


5. Industrial Inspiration - Sometimes I just love some great architecture and as the Victorians created the best architecture the world has ever seen, it looks stunning even in a state of undress.


6. Tea Anytime, Anywhere - Some great girls decided that they would have some tea on London bridge - not so unusual you might think - they did however just happen to have their own table, chairs and tea set with them - not to mentions some very pretty outfits - Splendid Ladies!


7. Nurse & Child - Sometimes it is just a stunning image that catches you eye like the one below called Nurse & Child from 1850 America.


See you next week!

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