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Weekly Steampunk Round Up! Pretty, Keira, Wraxhall, Game Boy, 3D, Airships, Cuties!

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Another look at what Steampunk Inspiration we have come across this week!

1. Seriously Pretty - reminds me of our clockwork hair clips! A beautiful and very feminine Steampunk Butterfly by the talented Frankie Forzoni


2. I love this look from dendorrity. her name is Keira!


3. Living the Victorian Gothic

Tynetesfield House, now owned by the National Trust is a  true Victorian Gothic Revival house near Wraxhall in Somerset. It is a Grade 1 Listed building and is named after the Tynte Baronets who owned estates around this area since the 1500's. Formerly a 16th-century hunting lodge, then used as a farmhouse it was not until the 1830's that a Georgian mansion was built and then later expanded upon by the Gibbs Family. Stunning architecture, you should definitely visit this place and if you do ensure you are wearing something fabulous - as the photos will be amazing!


4. This one Made me Laugh

Having never owned a Game Boy I do appreciate the iconic nature of its existence and then for it to be transformed by Elsie Siegwald into a new aesthetic, did jut make me smile!


5. Steampunk 3D Printer?

Impressive Construction was required to create this Steampunk 3D Printer - Hey - Whatever your into - Steampunk it!!


6. Amazing Airships

When I imagine my own Zeppelin it absolutely looks like this!


7. Little Cuties!

Awwwwwwwwww!!!! - What more can I say!



That is it for another week - see you next time!



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