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Weekly Steampunk Round Up! Dragons, Fish, Venice, Lego, Postcards, Batman, Buttons!

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This is a quick Round-Up of all the Splendid Steampunk items we found interesting this week

1. A Steampunk Dragon - I want one!

Wow - an incredible Dragon made from recycled car and motorcycle parts by the very Talented Tom Samui. Him and his team scour junk yards for raw materials that are then sored and cleaned, ready for their spectaculat re-birth as a scultural piece. It can take over 400 hours to complete some of the larger sculptures as all the pieces are welded together and then polished for a lovely finish. Along with dragons he can create just about anything you can imagine!


2. Steampunk Koi T-Shirts

I'm not normally the biggest fan of T-Shirts but the design on this one by fatpunkstudio.com is quite stunnning - I wonder if they can print on corsets????


3. Venice Love!

If I ever went to one of the fantastic festivals in Venice then it goes without saying that I would have to add a little Steam to my outfit - just like these guys below! Venice here I come!


4. For the Love of Lego!

It is true that the Steampunk genre is permeating many aspects of modern life and how can this be demonstrated as more true than the incredible Steampunk Lego creations present at Lego and brick conventions across the world! Take a look at some of these amazing creations!


5. The 1900's Paris World Fair Postcards

At the 1900 Paris World Fair, 12 Postcards were produced to visualise the advances that would be made in technology by the year 2000! They include some fantastic throughts and ideas, truly indicative of Victorian inventiveness, including flying machines, movable houses, walking on water, a whole city covered by a roof, and probably my favourite - a good weather machine!


6. Comic Book Steam

I love it when creative artists add a little steam to our favourite Steampunk Comic Book Characters. This week its Batman by R-Tan


7. Ooooooooo Pretty!

Now I am already Married - but if I were not this handmade button bouquet, perfect for a Steampunk Wedding would be for me  -I might get one anyway!



Well that's it for another week pretty things that have caught my Steampunk Eye this week!





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