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How To Throw A Steampunk Party!

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How To Throw A Steampunk Party!

 After throwing a few Steampunk Parties myself I thought I would share some hard won advice if you are planning your own little or large Steampunk Party. Steampunk is a blend between the old and the new. It is a term that comes from science fiction novels and combines the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age with the usability of modern technology. As of late, Steampunk parties have been increasing in popularity. It’s the perfect party recipe – the Victorian’s thirst for adventure combined with the luxuries we have today!

If you are thinking about throwing a Steampunk party read on to discover some top pieces of advice…

 Getting the atmosphere right:

When it comes to throwing a successful Steampunk party it is all about creating the right atmosphere. This will largely come from the way the venue is decorated and the costumes that people are wearing. In regards to the latter, you will need to put a Victorian dress code into place. Men can opt to go for the look of a 19th century worker, i.e. wearing heavy canvas pants, a canvas cap, suspenders and a loose shirt. Or, they can go for the neo-Victorian gentleman, in a vest, shirt, tailcoat and top hat. Women can also take one of the two approaches. They can either wear a Victorian style dress and a hat or they can go for the mechanic look with a corset on top of pants, goggles and knee high boots.

 Creating a scene:

Generating the perfect ambience with the right décor is important. There are lots of great items you can purchase in order to create the right feel. Old-timey machines, such as velocipedes, sewing machines and old phones, work really well. Gears, metal pipes and clockwork items all add to the overall effect you are trying to create. You will also need to decorate the dining table effectively so that it has a 19th century feel. One excellent idea is to have an image of a flower under each plate alongside the flower’s meaning. The Language of Flowers was a popular way of communicating during this period. You should also decorate with candles to add atmosphere. If you really want to go all out a brass chandelier is the perfect finishing touch.

 Music, food and games:

You also need to think about the entertainment you are going to put on and the food you are going to serve. In olden days it was common for entertainment to be hired for a party, so you could easily incorporate a musician. Or, other options include card games, magic demonstrations and parlour tricks. In terms of food, menus were typically printed in French, with oysters, venison, vegetables and soup being popular choices. They also used to have a fruit pyramid of exotic fruits. Victorians drank brandy, whiskey, beer and wine, as well as tea and coffee.

 Remembering to think about all of the above when you throw a Steampunk party will certainly help to ensure your party is talked about for weeks after!


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